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About Us

For over the past 9 years, One Way Ministries in Ottawa has hosted a simple but life-transforming event every January – City on Our Knees. City on Our Knees is a one-week prayer event, where Christians from churches, schools, workplaces, and more,  across Ottawa, gather where they are, to pray.

Each day of this prayer week has a unique focus. In the middle of the week, or what some might call ‘hump day’, they pray for the largest unreached people group in the world – workers.

Imagine listening to twenty people from different organizations, each praying from their perspective, pouring out their hearts to God. What would you hear as they pray for the opportunities for the Gospel in diverse work environments from dental offices to government to high-tech firms to construction workers and home builders?

God has done some amazing things as a result of this prayer initiative. One example is, as a result of the prayers of one group, they were invited into a conversation about diversity matters with their organization. Another group was invited into conversations around integrity. Another group reported a changed atmosphere in their organization after many years of prayer.

Workers on our Knees is a partner organization championing prayer connected to the workplace and serves as an umbrella for the 10 ministries joining together for the event — culminating in a day of prayer on January 24.

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